Prayer Needs for May 16 2018
This prayer list will be updated on the member area of the church data base as prayer requests are received.  The list will be sent out each Wednesday or as urgent prayers are needed.. You may go to which takes you to the member area to view, pray or comment about the prayer requests.
Please inform the church office of any needs as they become known
Families who have lost loved ones:  Please keep all of our families in your prayers who are trying to adjust to life without their loved ones.


Bethon Robinson:  New:  Bethon, a regular attender,  is requesting prayer for him personally.  Nothing specific but our God knows his needs. 

Gaige Ray:  New:  Gaige is requesting prayer for his shortcomings in several areas that he feels are faulty.  He also needs prayer for finding a job and that God can work through him to help others that are suffering.

Diedre Phillips:  New:  Diedre has been informed that her cousin in Australia had a second surgery for a back injury.  She now has nerve damage and cannot feel her legs at all right now, has been sent home with a lot of therapy to be done and it may take up to a year for her to walk again.  She is requesting prayer for her cousin, Shelly Rakai, that she will progress quickly with her therapy.

Jerry Medley:  Praise:  Jerry's surgery to have stents put in the blocked area of his kidneys went well and he if feeling better.

Renato & Salma Facio New:  Their 6 year old granddaughter has had surgery on the nerves in both eyes. Her right eye is doing well but the left eye has no vision and is turning out.  They are asking for your prayer for their precious little g"daughter.

Dawn, (No last name given):  attender New:  Praying for decision making concerning relocating.    

George Gambino:  Update:  George has graduated to his heavenly home. Please join in praying for the majesty of our God to be made known in George’s life.

Hannah Lopez:  Update:  Praise the Lord for a successful surgery and a recovery that has gone better then we ever expected!  During surgery the doctor found lots of cancer all over Hannah’s abdomen. Next step is chemo. Please pray for the entire Lopez family as they walk this road. Specifically pray for strength, wisdom and healing

Vladimir & Phoebe Chvorun:  New:  This family ministers at Kiev Christian University in the Ukraine for the purpose of raising up young Christian people.  They are going back there for 6 months on May 16, 2018 and then will return.  "We appreciate your prayers and even more if there will be others who would keep us in prayers...
Our needs:
Wisdom - since we are in the beginning of our ministry  there are a lot of unknown and we need Lord's guidance and wisdom. We need to make right choices relevant to preparing kids for school, getting for them all necessary supplies, medicine, clothing, etc since we will be working with disadvantaged kids along with training students.
Protection - there is a war ongoing in eastern  Ukraine  on the border with Russia crime is on the rise, we need angels ...
Health - we are going to place where you can't drink tap water.. and we are not that young anymore...
New:Leadership - we need team of people who could take in their hands organisational matters for the ministry here in US and in Ukraine. We need God to send his servants to the fields
Thanks again from both of us.."
Krunica Jonovic:  New:  Krunica has been a long time regular attender at our church and brings her granddaughter each week to our pre-K class.  She has some very serious health issues that have reared up again.  Please keep her needs in your prayers.
Salisha Williams:  New:  She has been suffering for a long time with Lupus.  Her symptoms have been mostly under control but now they have gotten worse.  She needs your prayers to have the strength to complete the balance of her teaching year.
Bob Shaw:  New:  Bob is having serious circulation problems with his legs and especially the ankles.  Pray that his walking will improve as he tries to keep the swelling to a minimum. 
Mildred Woods: Praise: Jeremy,  Mildred, Janiya and Justin  have been long time attenders of our church.  Mildred's surgery went well and she is back to her regular routine.
Urgent:  Update and Praises:  Dorothy Keagle's friend, Roy,  had a critical bike accident.  He is coming home Sunday and Praising the Lord for his miracle  Delray Medical Center is planning a special time of recognition for this young man. The time of  They are so appreciative for all of the prayers from many folks for Roy.  Praise be to God, he is a miracle!!!
Ruth Boland:  Praises:  Update:   Ruth's Doctors were very happy with the  blood work and PET Scan that was done. on Monday, April. 30th,   She will have 3 more treatments for the miniscule amounts of cancer still detected.  Thank you for praying and continue to pray for her body to stay healthy during this process. 
Jeffrey Smith:  Ongoing:  Jeffrey is a friend of Bob Gerhardt.  Jeffrey has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and is in Shands Hospital for chemo treatment to be followed with Stem cell therapy.  He is in for a long haul and needs our prayers.
Larraine Jones: Praise:  She is a new attender to our church.  She is doing better now.  Her attacks were panic/anxiety related and this is something that she has previously experienced.  
Caroline Chandler:  Praise:  Caroline is doing well and is wearing a boot and gets around on crutches.  Please continue to pray that her bone heals correctly.

Request:  New:   Prayers needed for a family struggling with following the Lord's will for them.

Jardine Pierre:  New to church: Healing for her Mom.

Bud & Barb Dier:  New:  Bud's brother, Doug, has Squamous cell carcinoma.  Pray for God's hand in his treatments , healing and for recovery.  Also for Monica, niece or Barb, terminal liver cancer.  Pray for God's mercy and grace for her during this time.Prayer requested for Jim Combs of Eustis, FL.  He has lung cancer.

Mitzie Nembhard:  New:  Mitzie is struggling to remain mobile during this difficult time in her life.  been advised to not drive for now, but she still attempts to go to Publix.  Thank you for caring for Mitzie.

Stephanie Horsley:  Ongoing  Stephanie has suffered with Lupus for many years.  She especially needs your prayers at this time as she is dealing with some very serious complications of this disease.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Miguel Benitez:  Ongoing:  Miguel experiences a great deal of back pain on a daily basis.  He has had many surgeries but they have not take the pain away.  Continue to keep him in your prayers.

Daniel Jensen:   Update: Please keep Daniel, Bob & Mary Ann in prayer during this very difficult time.  Daniel is in a new weekday environment and he seems to be adapting well.

Elmore Dixon:  Update: Please keep Kamaal in your prayers as he is serving in the military.  Also she needs prayer for some of her family members to come to know the Lord. 

Jim Smith:  Ongoing: Jim learning to live with Parkinson Disease.    Pray for Jim and Karen as they live with this illness and pray that medications take effect quickly.  

David Cartee:  Ongoing:    Pray for his breathing to improve.  David is experiencing additional health issues.  He has been advised to not be around people as his immune system is compromised.  David would love to hear from his church family.  Please pray for the Drs. who are treating him.

Bob Cullison:  Update:  Praises:  Bob's niece, Kennedy Fisher, age,15 years old, has been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder.   She is doing better, no walker and  is having less frequent and less severe attacks.  Please keep her in prayer for the recovery process. 

Humanitarian Agencies, such as Samaritan’s Purse and other Christ-centered organizations:   Please pray for the agencies, and people who work for them, that they would be able to glorify God in their work.

AWANA & FBC Children’s Ministry:   Praise:  Thank you Lord for another successful year for AWANA's.   Please check the bulletin for upcoming end of the year activities.

Michael Zulauf:   Praise:  Michael has returned to SWO Youth Camp Program for the summer.  This has been his prayer for a long time.