Pastor Buz:  Continue to keep Pastor Buz in your daily prayers as he is coming near to the end of his mission journey. to Chad.  Pray for safe travels for him on the way home.home

Stephanie Horsley: New:  Stephanie has suffered with Lupus for many years.  She especially needs your prayers at this time as she is dealing with some very serious complications of this disease.

Daniel Jensen:  New:  Please keep Daniel, Bob & Mary Ann in prayer during this very difficult time.

Emmie Douglas: New:  Emmie had serious skin surgery last week.  Pray that God would accelerate the healing process.

Ella Joy Giacomino: Praises:  She is improving every day.  She still has a cough but the breathing treatments are helping with her congestion.

Elmore Dixon:  New:  Please keep Kamaal in your prayers as he is serving in the military.  Also she needs prayer for some of her family members to come to know the Lord.

Sheryn Deason: Praises:  Her vision has improved but there is still pain. 

Ruth Boland:  Update:  Praises:   Ruth is recovering nicely from her surgery.  She had her chemo port put in on Tuesday, Feb. 20th and will start the treatment on Wed,  Feb 21st.  She is a little nervous about this part of recovery so please pray for peace and for her body to stay healthy during this process.

Donna Zulauf:  Update: Donna is home now and says her Dad is doing as well as can be expected.  He is also being treated for 2 kidney stones, one on each kidney, and is in a lot of pain.

Hannah Lopez: Update:  Praise the Lord, the tumor is shrinking!  Thank you for your prayers!  Join us in praising God for his mercy and continuing to pray that the tumor keeps getting smaller.  Please pray for wisdom in all the decisions that need to be made and for continued peace.

Jim Smith:  Update:  Jim has been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease.  Pray  for Jim and Karen  as they must learn to deal with this illness.  Also, Karen is having some skin problems on her lips.  The medicine .she had been given is healing her skin and she is hoping to be back in church soon.  

Don Horsley, Barry's father: Update:  Praises:“We are delighted to tell you that Don finished his treatments, for esophageal cancer, this morning at Vanderbilt Cancer Center.  He has a follow-up appointment on March 6, at which time a CT scan will be done.  He feels good and is looking forward to getting rid of his feeding tube.  He has been able to eat several things during the past week, without difficulty.  We will continue to be cautious as we add new trial foods, but a few evenings ago, he managed to eat half of a large baked potato with butter & sour cream. And he finished off with a cookie containing raisins, which he chewed really well. (By staying in Hope Lodge, in Nashville, we did not have to miss any of his appointments for treatment. The shuttles from the Lodge and/or Vanderbilt ran even during the ice & snow.)

When we checked out of Hope Lodge, this morning, he rang the bell of celebration in the lobby.  Then he drove all the way home!
We thank you for your prayers, calls, cards & notes and invite you to share in our joy.
With much love and thanksgiving,
Don & Lois”

Heidi Case:  Update:  Heidi has been diagnosed with SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) which means that the heart beats too fast at times.  She will see her primary Dr. for more information about the blacking out episodes.

Bob Cullison:   Bob's niece, Kennedy Fisher, has been diagnosed with Conversion Disorder.   She is at home now and is using a walker but is very unsteady with walking.  During episodes, her arms do not move.  This may take up to a year for full recovery.  Please keep her in prayer for the recovery for the recovery cess.

Bob Gerhardt:  Update:  Please continue to pray for Bob as he adjusts to life as a widower.

Nancy Rumell:  Nancy is in a boot, Keep praying for less pain and more mobility.

Margie Vann:  Appt. with the oncologist resulted in good news.  Blood work showed thyroid meds needed to be increased.  PET Scan showed the tumor was slightly more intense.  The Drs. still do not recommend treatment. Liver function is normal,  She feels good and has no complaints.  Please continue to pray for Margie and her family.

Humanitarian Agencies, such as Samaritan’s Purse and other Christ-centered organizations:   Please pray for the agencies, and people who work for them, that they would be able to glorify God in their work.

AWANA & FBC Children’s Ministry:   Please keep the AWANA leaders and workers in your prayers each week as they minister to many families each Wednesday.  More workers are needed to open up another room for more cubbie kids.

Michael Zulauf:   Michael is praying for wisdom in  making decisions about further education and the path that God wants for him in life as well as eventually for another mission assignment.

David Cartee:  Update:  Pray for his breathing to improve and for possible surgery to help his breathing. David is experiencing additional health issues.  Please pray for the Drs. who are treating him.