Prayer Needs for August 7, 2018
This prayer list will be updated on the member area of the church data base as prayer requests are received.  The list will be sent out each Wednesday or as urgent prayers are needed.. You may go to which takes you to the member area to view, pray or comment about the prayer requests.
Please inform the church office of any needs as they become known.
Families who have lost loved ones:  Please keep all of our families in your prayers who are trying to adjust to life without their loved ones.
Thank you church family for continually praying for those in need.  Your prayers are being heard and answered!
Jim Cios:  New:  Jim will be having surgery to clean and add new stents inside the old ones.  We are praying for a quick recovery and for him to regain his strength.
Jack Shutes:  New:  She has had an very early diagnosis of  uterine cancer with  surgery to be done soon.. She is requesting prayers to see God's hands in what direction she should take regarding employment, health and everyday struggles.  She is also asking that we pray for the salvation for her 4 sons.
Norma Moreno:  New:  She has  lost her Uncle, Wayne Bradbury.  Wayne is a member of our sister church, FBC of Delray. Keep the family in your prayers.
Simoni Almeida:  New:   She is requesting prayer for her Mom, Sonia, who has has major health problems for a long time.  She is asking for prayer to give her mom wisdom and strength through this time.
Kimberly Levy:  New:  She is new to church and is asking for prayer for healing.  She is having trouble with anxiety and depression related to work.
Jerry Medley:  New:  Jerry has lost his sister, Tressa Orman, leaving behind 3 kids, 3 G kids and 1 sister, Vivian.  He & Sue will be traveling to Indiana to be with the family.  Please pray for them.
Mary Ann Jensen:  New:  Jeff Price  is Mary Ann’s nephew,  had a work accident where he was impaled by a piece of steel rebar.  He has had five surgeries at Delray Medical Center and remains in ICU.  Update from Mary Ann: Well after 5th surgery today, still not clean enough to close or change treatment. As of today they are saying another surgery on Sunday to assess the wound. So another step backwards, so we were disappointed again but know this has to be clean of infection before he can go home. 
After 4 weeks in the hospital, he is restless but doing as well as he can. 
Lots of prayers and encouragement still needed. Jeff has a wife, 2 small children and one on the way.  He and his family need our prayers.
Jardine Pierre:  New:  New to church: Healing for her Mom.
Mitzi Nembhard:  Update: Mitzi is now in Manor Care Rehab and is improving.  As you may be aware, Mitzi has no family so we, the church, are her loved ones.  We need to pray about how she can remain in her home which may require that someone come to live with her.  Her friend, Mary Lou, who has been shopping for her groceries, has been diagnosed with cancer and has had surgery so Mary Lou will not be available to help her.    Mary Lou, has asked for prayer as well.  
Beverly Stuart:  Update:   Please be in prayer for Beverly as she continues her rehab on a daily basis at Barrington Terrace Rahab Center.  She is showing some improvement, is walking some,  but she still has a long road ahead of her to regain her strength.  Please remember to also pray for Buddy, Tammie and the rest of the family.
Margie Vann: Update:   Margie had a stent put in to take care of blockage that was caused by the tumor.
Ruth Boland: Update:   Ruth had a PET scan this week which shows that she has another mass that has formed during the last round of a weaker chemo.  She will begin a much stronger chemo than before.  She is very positive that the treatments will take care of the tumor,
Jack Boland:  Update:    Jack has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  He is responding well to the radiation treatments.   Please keep Jack and  Ruth in your prayers.  They are going through a lot right now. Sometime in Aug, he is scheduled to have cataract surgery on his eye.  This is also troubling as he has only has sight in one eye.  Please pray that all will go well with his eye surgery.  
David Cartee:   Ongoing:    Pray for his breathing to improve.  David is experiencing additional health issues.  Praise:  David had a knot on his adams apple which was painful. He has had surgery to remove a small nodule as well as a couple of small polyps  and now he is talking much better.  Having a CT scan this week. 
Emmie Douglas:  Update: Emmie has had her surgery for hip replacement and will now be receiving rehab each day.  Please keep praying for her to heal quickly and that the second hip replacement will go well.
Hannah Lopez:  Update:  Hannah is continuing with her Chemo treatments. She is a trooper and continues to direct the kids church each week.  She needs leaders to step forward  to assist in DiscipleTown to ease the load. Please pray for the entire Lopez family as they walk this road. They ask that we specifically pray for strength, wisdom and healing​​​​​​.
Vladimir & Phoebe Chvorun:  Update:  Check out the bulletin board for new photo's of them and their ministry.
1.  They are asking God's help to overcome the bureaucracy with all of the legal process needed, keeping  peace and to glorify God in the midst all of these hurdles.
2.  Health Issues:  Vlad has bronchitis and has been very weak for the past few days.  Things are not improving yet.
3.  We have to leave Ukraine for the week to get our Visa's and legal papers in order to stay in Ukraine.
4.  Strength and wisdom is out main goal.
Praises:  God's provision in our car repair, pulley on generator split in the middle and they had to rebuild the whole generator).  They met a christian mechanic and he helped with the repairs.
The air conditioning is now working...(sometimes powers goes down, but when it comes back, it is a blessing).
They were able to rebuild WiFi system and now they have better connection (when there is power)
God is great in all things.
Greetings to the whole church, Vladimir and Phoebe
Paul Clerie:  New:  Paul has requested prayer for his brother, Jean Clerie, who resides in Lauderhill, FL.  He has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  They are scheduling surgery for him ASAP.  No Other details are available yet.  Please pray for healing for him and peace for the whole family.
Darlene Jenne:  Praise:  Tim and Darlene will be moving on August 10th  Their home has sold so they are moving to be near their family in Maryland.  Darlene has been diagnosed with PTSD.  She had a very tramatic incident some years ago that involved gun violence.  All of the school shootings have brought on the the PTSD.  She is requesting that you keep her in your prayers.  
Linda Guzzardo:  New:  She is requesting prayer for Marla, her sister, that she would come to know Jesus and understand that His word if for our good and His glory.  Keep praying!
Vaughn and Carol Maurer:  New:  Vaughn and Carol are new attenders and have requested prayer for their son, Chris, for clarity in his life.
Lisa McKibbin:  New:  Was an attender here as a young person.  Wants to trust the Jesus as her Savior and also prayer for her Mom who has stage 4 cancer.
Wanika Belizaire:  New:  She is a returning attender to our church.  She has requested prayer for her family and protection for her family.
Beth Kramer:  Praises: Beth is still taking care of her Stepmom.Patricia.  She wants everyone to know that she is doing better but she will require a lot of home care.  Beth is our fearless and gifted Kindergarten through 5th grade Sunday School leader. 
7.17,18  Update:  She is now here at home every other week as the care needed for her stepmom is being shared with another family member.

Ebenson Bristol:  New:   He is asking for prayer for him and his family for health and strength.  They are from First Baptist Church of Pompano Beach and are now looking for a church home in Boynton.  They have 4 children, 1 youth, 2 elementary and 1 preschool boy.  
Bethon Robinson:  New:  Bethon, a regular attender,  is requesting prayer for him personally.  Nothing specific but our God knows his needs. 

Gaige Ray:  New:  Gaige is requesting prayer for his shortcomings in several areas that he feels are faulty.  He also needs prayer for finding a job and that God can work through him to help others that are suffering.

Diedre Phillips:  New:  Diedre has been informed that her cousin in Australia had a second surgery for a back injury.  She now has nerve damage and cannot feel her legs at all right now, has been sent home with a lot of therapy to be done and it may take up to a year for her to walk again.  She is requesting prayer for her cousin, Shelly Rakai, that she will progress quickly with her therapy.

Marriage Prayer request.  New: Please pray for those who are unequally yoked.

Bob Shaw:  New:  Bob is having serious circulation problems with his legs and especially the ankles.  Bob must keep his legs elevated most of the time, especially when sitting,  Pray that his walking will improve as he tries to keep the swelling to a minimum. 
Jeffrey Smith:  Ongoing:  Jeffrey is a friend of Bob Gerhardt.  Jeffrey has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and is in Shands Hospital for chemo treatment to be followed with Stem cell therapy.  He is in for a long haul and needs our prayers.

Bud & Barb Dier:  OngoingBud's brother, Doug, has Squamous cell carcinoma.  Pray for God's hand in his treatments , healing and for recovery.  Also for Monica, niece or Barb, terminal liver cancer.  Pray for God's mercy and grace for her during this time.Prayer requested for Jim Combs of Eustis, FL.  He has lung cancer.

Stephanie Horsley:  Ongoing  Stephanie has suffered with Lupus for many years.  She especially needs your prayers at this time as she is dealing with some very serious complications of this disease.  Stephanie just continues to plug along in spite of failing health.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Miguel Benitez:  Ongoing:  Miguel experiences a great deal of back pain on a daily basis.  He has had many surgeries but they have not take the pain away.  Continue to keep him in your prayers.

Daniel Jensen:   Update: Please keep Daniel, Bob & Mary Ann in prayer during this very difficult time.  Daniel is in a new weekday environment and he seems to be adapting well.

Elmore Dixon:  Update: Please keep Kamaal in your prayers as he is serving in the military.  Also she needs prayer for some of her family members to come to know the Lord. 

Jim Smith:  Ongoing:  Jim learning to live with Parkinson Disease.    Pray for Jim and Karen as they live with this illness and pray that medications take effect quickly.  

Humanitarian Agencies, such as Samaritan’s Purse and other Christ-centered organizations:   Please pray for the agencies, and people who work for them, that they would be able to glorify God in their work.